What are the benefits of the Google URL Shortener


Why do you use Google URL Shortener link? What are the benefits?
How it’s important for small business’s owners?

For this, I used Google URL Shortener on some new website and blogs. Which results came, I am surprise! And thank full to Google for its wondering work.
What is Google URL Shortener?

Google URL Shortener Tool launched by Google. After clicking, user will visit to your original link. It means its “Redirection”. From this help you can easily share your URL compare to your original URL.

For example: The short url http://goo.gl/cMI4DB takes people to http://seo-design-news.blogspot.in/2015/03/google-analytics-audience-cohort-analysis.html. look good in view. 🙂

goo.gl status


Many things which I observed. These are:

1. Its help full for Small Business’s owners.

Content writing is a powerful concept for promoting your products on internet. For small business’s owners are get this advantage and publish his/her blog on internet. If they create goo.gl url shortener for links they can easily track locations, devices, references. And it’s also easy to handle. It means you can easy see or track about your targeting place, which sites are most giving reference (you share on social sites or crawl by search engine etc) in which devices more visitors are coming.

2. Get Started with URL Shortener API

How are you started url shortener API? You can read get started. Here each section contains brief description with example and given more links for details. To begin, you should read the section on Authentication.

3. Available on Chrome and WordPress plugin

Goo.gl Add-On is also available on Google chrome. From this help you can create short link of current website. It gives all features like History/dashboard, API, support but for this you should must authenticate user. You can also download Goo.gl plugin in your WordPress website.

4. Report Spam

Google is very strict for Spamming. If you found any spamming link (Not used for promoting like many SEO are used short link for his/her blog, website promotion) like phishing, malware website you can report at Goo.gl Report Spam.

5. Help

Google is provided forum groups where the users create group or for join any group. If you have any questions or problems you can share at goo.gl shortener forum or you visit at for Google Help.

Google URL Shortener
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